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Ink Components

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The goal of ink.js is to provide web-components for interactive scientific writing, reactive documents and explorable explanations. Included in ink.js are ways to create, update and display variables as text, equations and charts.

Tangled Cookies

ink.js is heavily inspired by tangle.js, re-imagined to use web-components! This means you can declaratively write your variables and how to display them in html markup. To get an idea of what that looks like, let's take the canonical example of Tangled Cookies - a simple reactive document to encourage you to not eat more than 42 cookies in one day.

When you eat cookies, you consume calories.

When you eat cookies, you consume calories.
That's of your recommended daily calories.

See some Examples and Tutorials for using Ink Components!

Components and Documentation

Getting Started

Add the javascript bundle directly to your page:

<script src=""></script>

You can also download the latest release from GitHub. If you are running this without a web server, ensure the script has charset="utf-8" in the script tag. You can also install from npm:

npm install ink-components

You should then be able to extend ink as you see fit:

import * as ink from 'ink-components';